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Elliptica Series Front ViewTerabeam Elliptica™

Through-the-Air Fiberless Optical™
Connectivity with Carrier-Grade Reliability

The Terabeam Elliptica series provides carrier-grade, network-ready free space optics connectivity Elliptica Series Back Viewoptimized for high-performance Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and OC-3/STM-1 (155 Mbps) links at distances from 20 meters to 2 kilometers.

Excellent Link Reliability

Elliptica features an unprecedented combination of a telecom-grade 1550-nm laser, high-speed pointing-and-tracking system, 200 Hz closed-loop Elliptica Series Outdoor Modeltracking and narrow beam divergence — which ensures maximum reliability and extended link ranges even in challenging atmospheric conditions including rain, snow, dust and smoke.

Completely Eye-Safe

Elliptica is a high-performance, CDRH, IEC and ANSI Class 1 free space optics system. It offers completely safe behind-the-window installation in any office environment worldwide, and requires no additional safety processes, laser safety training or warning labels.

Flexible and Quick Deployment

The lightweight, industrial design of Elliptica makes installation simple — both indoors and outdoors. Narrow beam divergence ensures exceptionally high data security. Elliptica's web-based integrated network management system provides continuous, centralized link monitoring, tracking, and optimization.

Key Features

  • 1540/1600nm unlicensed spectrum
  • Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps) and OC-3/STM-1 (155 Mbps)
  • True CDRH, ANSI and IEC Class 1 eye safety
  • Link ranges up to 2 km
  • Fourth-generation pointing and tracking
  • Narrow beam divergence increases beam security and link availability
  • Essentially no signal interference
  • Negligible effect on performance from rain, snow, dust and smoke
  • Supports indoor and outdoor installations
  • Interfaces directly to customer's network
  • Integrated camera for alignment and remote link monitoring
  • Simple one-person installation and alignment
  • Self-optimizing alignment
  • Web-based integrated management and SNMP capabilities
  • Single element-management platform for managing multiple links
  • Compact size and weight and noiseless indoor operation
  • Custom network planning and link deployment tools


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