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Tsunami Wireless Ethernet Systems

  • Tsunami QuickBridge Product Family
    Tsunami QuickBridge is the easiest-to-install outdoor bridge on the market - you can do it yourself in about an hour, eliminating the time and expense of hiring a professional installer. The solution includes two radio units with integrated antennas, and all of the necessary documentation, cables and mounting hardware.


  • Tsunami Multipoint Wireless Ethernet Systems Product Family
    Tsunami Multipoint, the highest capacity point-to-multipoint solution available on the market today, quickly and easily connects networks between buildings within campus environments and enables service providers to offer a robust variety of services to growing numbers of subscribers.
  • Tsunami Point-to-Point Wireless Ethernet Bridges Product Family
    The Tsunami family of wireless Ethernet bridges provides a variety of plug-and-play solutions to the growing demand for transparent, reliable, and economical high-speed network interconnectivity. With a wide variety of performance points, including both license-exempt and 23 GHz licensed models, Tsunami allows network planners to select the optimum solution for their specific application.


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