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QB 60 Data Sheet

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Tsunami QuickBridge 60
Wireless Outdoor Bridge Product Family


The Fastest, Easiest Way to Building-to-Building Connectivity
Offering unprecedented ease-of-installation in conjunction with an aggregate throughput of 60 Mbps, the Tsunami QuickBridge 60 is the best price/performance value for building-to-building data connectivity.

Providing outdoor connectivity between buildings at distances of up to 2.5 miles, Tsunami QuickBridge 60 provides data connectivity at speeds that approach a standard DS-3 installation. And, because it is wireless and license-free, you can get connected without delay.

Cost-Effective Connectivity
Tsunami QuickBridge 60 greatly reduces the installation costs and recurring fees associated with standard T1, E1, or DS-3 installations. As a replacement for a DS-3 leased-line, it pays for itself in less than two months.

Fast, Easy Installation
Tsunami QuickBridge is the easiest-to-install outdoor bridge on the market—it can be installed in hours, not days. The solution includes two radio units with integrated antennas, and all of the necessary documentation, cables and mounting hardware. An antenna alignment tool uses audible tones to ensure that the antennas are properly aligned before you leave the installation site.

About the Tsunami Product Family
The Tsunami family of Ethernet bridges provides wireless solutions that meet the growing demand for transparent and reliable high-speed network interconnectivity. In addition to Tsunami QuickBridge 60, the most cost-effective outdoor bridging solution available today, the Tsunami product line includes:

  • Tsunami 10, a cost-effective, high capacity alternative to multiple wireline T1 connections
  • Tsunami 45 and Tsunami 100, carrier-class building-to-building connectivity for voice and data
  • Tsunami 480, the world's first license-exempt Ethernet bridge to provide Gigabit wireless connectivity using native IP.

Ordering Information

48001-003 Tsunami QuickBridge 60 Link - 110 VAC
48001-004 Tsunami QuickBridge 60 Link - 110/220 VAC

Technical Specs:

Product Specifications

Product >> Tsunami QuickBridge 60
Frequency Band 5.725-5.825 GHz
Aggregate Throughput 54 Mbps 36 Mbps 18 Mbps
Frequency Channel Plans 7
-77 dBm -81 dBm -89 dBm
EIRP Output Power +36 dBm
System Gain
(Including Antenna)
112 dB 116 dB 124 dB
Up to
3 Miles/5 Km
Up to
4 Miles/6 Km
Up to
6 Miles/10 Km


Capacity 54, 36, or 18 Mbps aggregate throughput, user selectable
Transmit Output Power +16 dBm max; +15 dBm typical
Antenna Integrated LHCP; 20dBi, 10º azimuth by 10º elevation
Maximum Receive Level -20 dBm error free
Latency 2.5 msec typical, 5 msec maximum
Access Method Time Division Duplex
Modulation Technique 16QAM
Security Key 16 Character Security ID (Alphanumeric), authentication and PN transmission scrambling
Compliance US: FCC Part 15.407 U-NII, 15.247 ISM;
Canada: IC RSS 210

Data Interface

Ethernet Interface 10/100BaseT via AC power adapter
Connector RJ-45 female modular plug
w/weather-protected shell
Cable Type CAT5
Compliance IEEE 802.3


Local, Remote Access QuickBridge Utility (Java-based GUI) for discovery, status and configuration
Software Upgradeable Over-the-air reprogramming
Security 2-level password access on Utility


  AC Power Adapter included, 110 VAC or 220 VAC,
450mA Output; 24V DC, 1 Amp
  DC Power (to unit) +18 to +28 vDC
  Power Connector Power over Ethernet CAT5 cable
RJ-45 connector
  Operational Temperature -33º to 55º C
  Storage Temperature -55º to 85º C
  Humidity 5-100% condensing
  Altitude Up to 10,000 ft
  Safety UL 1950, EN60950
  Wind Loading 115 mph

Physical Unit

QuickBridge Unit
  Size (WxHxD) 10.5x10.5x7 inches
26.5x26.5x14.4 cm
  Weight 10lbs /4.5kg
  Mounting (Installation) Pole Mount 1.5-2.75”/ 3.08 – 6.98 cm O.D.
(hardware included for 1.75”/ 4.4 cm O.D.)

Shipping Configuration

2 QuickBridge Radio Units, 2 sets mounting hardware, 2 power adapters, 2 sets 50 meter CAT5 cable, 2 sets user documentation & utilities on CD-Rom

Frequency Channel

Channel Plan Frequency
3A 5742.19 MHz
3B 5775.39 MHz
3C 5808.59 MHz
4A 5743.85 MHz
4B 5764.60 MHz
4C 5785.35 MHz
4D 5806.10 MHz


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