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Tsunami™ MP.11
Wireless Ethernet System

The Most Economical Point-to-Multipoint Solution

The Tsunami MP.11 is a robust and affordable 11 Mbps wireless point-to-multipoint connectivity solution ideal for campus networking and last mile access. Easily providing an outdoor extension to your LAN, the system enables the instant creation of wireless WANs for a number of applications such as security and surveillance and portable classrooms. With Tsunami MP.11, Internet Service Providers can cost effectively deploy last mile access networks for business and residential customers in medium-sized communities. Utilizing the new Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol (WORP), the system provides a high aggregate bandwidth for best-in-class performance and scalability.

Cost-effective, complete last mile access for community networks

Consisting of a Base Station Unit and low cost Subscriber Units, Tsunami MP.11 enables service providers to compete effectively against ADSL and Cable modem solutions. Subscriber units, available in residential and business versions, are extremely affordable and completely self-installable. The system can be managed and configured remotely – eliminating the need for truck-rolls to the customer.

Secure and reliable LAN extension for campuses

Tsunami MP.11 provides secure and reliable connectivity between campus buildings. The system easily integrates into existing networks and management systems. Quick to deploy and cost-effective, Tsunami MP.11 provides rapid pay-back times.

Easy-to-deploy networks for security and surveillance

Tsunami MP.11 addresses the cost and installation challenges usually associated with deploying outdoor security networks. The system is ideal for providing surveillance in a wide range of areas including shopping mall parking lots, enterprise warehouses and university campuses. Digital cameras are simply connected to Tsunami MP.11 Subscriber Units, which transmit the high-resolution video back to a centralized Base Station in real-time.


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